What difference is there between a man as long and sharp as a pencil,
and that of a man as short and fat as a dime?


            Since 1960, Emile had been working on one orderly manuscript.  He had collected photographs and journal entries of his life and remarked upon each and every moment and day.  The purpose for such a obsessive task was to collectively organize his own past onto paper, thus exult upon completion of what may seem, a chronicle of an average man’s existance.  In essence, life ended for Emile in 1970– the year Edgar, his son was born.  He was so preoccupied with reconstructing his life that he somehow managed to erase it from existence.  Soon after, his wife left, taking the child with her, and despite it all, Edgar grew up well adjusted.  In 1993, Emile finished the book of his life and finds someone at his door whom he had never met.  “Who is this stranger?” he asked himself.  He did not believe the stranger was his son.  He looked over his book and found no evidence of ever having one.  Emile did though, in 1960 have a dream that he was woken up by a telephone call informing him that he had become a father.

–Random Person